What Really Meant To Be Udumalpet From History to Modern

What Specialities are Differentiating Our Udumalai From Other Cities

  • Although many towns have been palliated by the Metro City, udumalaipettai is still standing out as the capital township of the surrounding villages along with the fame.
  • In our neighborhoods, cow dung odor will be the dominated rather sewage stink.
  • All modes of conveyance will be there eventually there will be no traffic jam and pollution. Though many towns are facilitated with 24/7 bus service, udumalaipettai town has the limited bus service which is till 9PM.
  • People who grazing the cows on the farm and gardens don’t require bus post 9PM. Possibilities for moving around is mostly visiting to Palani temple, to does job in thiruppur, traveling to Coimbatore. Hence, it is very obvious that we don’t require bus for the full night.
  • Despite wasting money by exploring Pondicherry, goa, ooty can enjoy the nature of the amaravathy river by sitting the banks of river. Seemingly, we also get the peace and mountaineering experience along with nature.
  • The experience will reach us feel that we are in heaven.
  • Clean and tidy shops, tendency talk, without any congestion are the supreme facts of udumalaipet.
  • Black soil mud, fragrance of sugar cane, calf flow, bus facility for every one hour, rare train facility, branded mini showrooms, thirumoorthy water, beauty of windmill.
  • On the summit of everything, the slang of udumalpettai is very specific along with add-ons of “vaang, pong” which is pleasant and beautiful of ancient Tamil.
  • Compared to other metro cities udumalapet is a village eventually it also stands upright as the town for the neighboring hamlets.
  • Masses who are residing will be affectionate towards whomsoever migrated
    to this place.
  • Surprisingly everyone is treated as relatives and loves.
  • Because of these above facts, no one will intend to move away or get transferred to other places.
  • Desired to maintain the same circumstances of nature and pleasant nature of mass.

Udumalaipet History:

In ancient days chakkragiri is the name of uduamalapet which has the history of 200 decades. Four sides
of this home are surrounded by mountains. From udumalapet Palani is located in the east, this is the
spot where Lord Murugan is worshipped by Tamilians primarily. In the south masaniamman temple is
located which is fame for its spirituality. Evenly it is surrounded by mountains everywhere it is referred
as udumalapet.

Udumalapeta has several interesting and ancient temples. The famous Sithandeswarar temple is sited at
udumalapet. Specifically the deity is faced towards south in this tabernacle.
The town was under the command of the Thalia palayapat. The realm for the temple, the maintenance
of sithandeswarar temple was offered by Yethalappa nayakkar from Thalia palayapat which was written
and given in cheppupattayam by them.

The municipality was formed in 1918 and upgraded to a second grade municipality in 1970. For several
reasons Tiruppur district was created and udumalapet was added as municipality along with that. This
rule was opposed by the many residents of udumalapet. Among several towns and municipalities,
udumalapet is considered as ancient municipality in Tiruppur district.

The udumalapet is established as 7.41 km2 of which 6.582 km2 is urban and 0.828 km2 is rural.
Palani malai is situated in the east, Aanai Malai is situated in the west, senjeri malai is located in the
north, last but not least thirumoorthy malai is sited in the south. Udumalapet is located along the
foothills of the Western Ghats
Kovilkadavu, Kolumam, Kaniyoor, Kadathoor, Kaaratholuvu are the places where Lord Shiva is revered.

Excellent colleges and schools are located in udumalapet to provide quality education to the young.
Inorder to bring away the hidden talents and to bestow an impressive personality upon rural students
by providing access to higher education. In spite of inculcate the sense of obligation in the youth and
generate ambition to build up a strong India.
There are about fifteen higher secondary schools and a handful of Arts and Science colleges like
Vidyasagar College of Arts and Science, Government Arts and Science college, and GVG College for adult
females, and few others. Polytechnic colleges are likewise available. Entree to the advanced or quality
coaching for various competitive examinations is limited, thus triggering urban migration to major cities
such as Coimbatore and Chennai.

People Living  Standards :
Economically udumalapet has many modest and large scale industries. In addition, farming is also the
main occupation among residents.
Spinning industries, paper manufacturing and the surrounding areas have seen a surge in windmill
installations because of the position of the town across the Palghat Gap.

Areas surrounding Udumalpet are agricultural lands. Mainly coconut trees and veggies are grown in this area, whereas, agricultural activities are developed mainly in the hinterlands of the town, wherever the water facility is available,
wet crops like paddy, sugarcane, etc., are grown in those areas. Predominant occupation in this area is
trade and commerce. Most of them among the residents are working force.

Where we Connecting: 

Railway Connection:

The station code for Udumalaippettai Railway Station is UDT. Approximately 8 are passing through the
Udumalaippettai Railway Station. Major trains going through the Udumalaippettai Railway Station are
TCN PLNI Passenger, Chennai Central Palani SF Express, PLNI POY Passenger, POY PLNI Passenger, POY
PLNI Passenger

Bus connection:

Udumalaipettai is well linked to other major cities of the country via regular buses. Popular availability is
from Chennai, Hyderabad, Erode,coimbatore, tiruchhirappali.


Thirumoorthy dam, Kodanthur, Amaravathi Dam, Alkonda male Kovil, somavarpatti, Udumalpet
Mariamman Temple are the situations where we can see the piece of heaven. Desired place to explore
pleasant nature and serenity.

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