Udumalapet Mariamman Temple Festival

Udumalapet Mariamman temple is turned upwards in the Tiruppur district in the Kongu region. Kuttaithidal is situated exactly from udumalapet Palani facing towards west of 37 KM, facing towards the east of 23 km from Pollachi, in the riverbanks of amaravathi and the paalar river it more pleasant along with the spirituality.


udumalpet mariamman temple festival 2019 dates


History of the goddess:

The Indian government has undergone the Hindu chauvinism and maintaining its ritual even today. This is the spot where the goddess found with Thejas, peace and majestic. It is a belief that she fulfills the basic necessity what the devotee required.
There is a hope that the main deity is swayambu which has come spiritually without human touch. The formalities such as Pooja, sacred bath, anointing, flowerglands will be performed to the subordinate which was made of stone.

Seemingly, there are few stories about the goddess, she is a resemblance of thiruvalluvar wife who has caught by smallpox. She begged from house to home along the tied neem leaves to be freed from flies in order to prevent the sores. Hence she was being prayed as goddess of smallpox.
The other story is about Nagavali, who is the wife of piruhu one of the nine rishis. When Piruhu went away, tirumurthi came to check her beauty and virtue as she is conversant. Unknowingly Nagavali had resent them because of their usurpation In addition she turned them into children as a punishment, which provoked tirmurthi and given a curse to fade her beauty. That’s when smallpox caught her, when Rishi got to know about her disease and appearance, he sent her out along with the declaration that she would be endured as a demon in the next ti It defines that she will be causing the disease for everyone the same as her. Henceforth she was called as Mari.
The Muthu Mari stands out the meaning as droplets when rain falls post summer. The first droplet from post summer resembles like pearl (muthu in Tamil) for a farmer. In Tamil people call it as “ Muthu Mari malai” with fully delighted. Just to show it is a sign of the goddess for harvesting as the property of nature as poetically.

Chariot festival

The chariot flow will be move out with the help of elephant, once the festival is announced we can see the drizzling starts on March. It is reckoned that the Amman has a lot of spirituality power which makes this festival famous. The regular visiting time of the temple is 9am to 7pm.

Surprisingly kuttaithidal will look like a tourist spot during the celebration. The rainfall makes the people delighted, the chariot festival will be conducted every year along with 30+ villages nearby. The famous 15 days chariot flow will be maintained in this temple starts from a penguin and ends in ch In this celebration fasting, rolling pole, poovodu arambam, poovodu mudivu, rural peace, vasthu shanthi, parivettal, fireworks, Mavilaku, anointing, flag hoisting and lowering, Thirukalyanam, amman ratha rohanam , manjaal niratu, chariot flow are also included.

Kerala drums will be conducted to entertain the people and the music will be played to make the presence of the goddess.
Festival usually starts on Tuesday which comes post panguni first no moon day(amavasya) with fasting. It will be announced to every one in the district by using parai(directly struck membranophone). The fasting will be initiated by sridhar whose family should take the lead from generation to generation.
On the eighth day from fasting there is a pooja for planting the spiritual pole. The spiritual pole literally called as kambam should be in the shape of “V” when cutting out from the tree. This action can be done only by the person who planted the tree. Therefore this ceremony is to find the person who is eligible to break the kambam and does pooja before planting it. It is called as kambam naduthal in Tamil.
Immediate next day flag hoisting is the ritual which is been carried out for all celebration we can say as marriage, ear piercing extra. The same day kodi poojai will be conducted with enchanting mantras followed by vaistra pooja.

The festival will be continued on daily basis for 15 days, Mariamman will be moving in a temple car by using wagon as Lion, elephant, peacock, horse, cow, swan with fully dressed up. Devotees will be enlightened to see those scenes with goosebumps.
Some of the prayers are unique which is called as poovodu arambam which means people who carries the fire pots in hands to make their desire happens.
It is also called as pochati yeduthal.
The other prayer is to keep mavilaku which is for the goddess who ignite the dhiya in our life’s. This mavilku will be taken conservatively. Every caste will have a set of time to do this tradition with all customs. Post mavilaku iduthal, thirukalyanam which is a known as marriage festival for Lord Sivan and Parvathu at 3.00pm.
On fifteenth day chariot flow happens with full excitement. Firstly Lord Easwaran, Easwari will come in the temple car. Parivettal, which defined as fire works will be done following that Mariamman will roam the roads along with the help of elephants. Mariamman will move in temple car with full of fire crackers and bajanas by devotees through out the entire place. The goddess will visit Maalai amman, ucchakaliamman, Thalaikonda amman who are considered as sister of mari amman and finally reach her own place.
These chariot journeys have elaborate celebrations where the goddess come out of a temple accompanied by the public journeying with them through the streets of the entire region. The streets are known as Theroddum veethi. All those streets would be cleaned and filled with happiness order to welcome the pilgrims. This journey is called as a procession. People throng to share the rope pulling of the chariot.


Temple car:

Temple car is called as chariot or ther ottam in Tamil. This chariot is designed with all sculptures of Ramayana, Dasavatharam. In addition, shiva lilai, geetha ubathesam, kandha lilaigal sculptures are made in woods accurately. Not only in the surroundings of temple the sculptures are constructed but also in chariot in a proficient way.

Temple car is constructed by comparing human souls in ancient days. It has 8 partitions first is kundalisthanam, Nabi, Iruthayam, Kaluthu, Masthaga anthasthanam, Mathya sthanam, Masthaga athi sthanam, Thuvatha shantham along with these right from the head kumbam, sodashantham and also the pillars of chariots philosophy also included. In temple car the thasavayukal are considered as the two wheels.
There is a hope that pulling the chariot rope is like adding to your good Karma, and doing penance for your bad deeds. Countless people will join in order to seek the blessings of goddess.



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